Master and MATIX graduation prom 2017

Hello everyone!

We are looking forward to see you!
The prom is on May 31st, 2017 at Marstrands Havshotell.
There will be buses bring you to Marstrands Havshotell. The buses will arrive at GöteorgsOperan at around 16, leave from Göteorgsoperan at 16:30 and arrive at Marstrands Havshotell around 17:30. Then Pre-drinks start at 17:30. Since DJ stops playing at 1:00 and the music stops at 01:30, the buses will departure from Marstrands Havshotell around 01:45 – 02:00 back to GöteborgsOperan. The arriving time will be approximately at 03:00.

Please remember wear long dresses or suits and bring the ticket when you get on the bus!

We have received questions regarding seating during the prom 31/5.
Everyone will be seated together with their class or program and everyone will be given a seat by the prom committee. There is however a chance for you to request with whom you would like to be seated with. You send your seat request to promcommitteeGSO@hhgs.se. We will try to make our best to keep everyone satisfied.
Also, if there is a couple, let’s say one student from Innovation and one from Marketing, and you would like to sit together, you need to specify this. Then email us your names, programs, and with which class (at which table) the both of you would like to sit. However, it won’t be possible to arrange this for more than couples, meaning larger groups with different programs won’t be allowed to sit at tables they don’t belong to, please respect this.
Last but not least, if you bring a non-student, like girlfriend, boyfriend, your grandma, you should also tell us the name of this person, together with your name and program. We will then put you next to each other at you class’ table.

You need to send us your seat requests to promcommitteeGSO@hhgs.se before the 9th of May. Please notice that the previous mailadress promcommittee@hhgs.se is no longer working! If you have sent any seat requests to this email, we kindly ask you to send us a new email to the new mailaddress: promcommitteeGSO@hhgs.se

GSO - Graduate Student Organization är värd för detta evenemang.